🚗 Marlboro introduces the first-of-its-kind anti auto theft initiatives

🚗 More cops will be on the streets during the overnight

🚗 The goal is to make the Monmouth County town the safest in America

MARLBORO — It’s no secret there’s been an epidemic of car thefts in New Jersey since 2019.

Marlboro Mayor Jonathan Hornik has introduced new anti-auto theft initiatives through the town’s auto theft task force.

The newest tool in the Marlboro Auto Theft Task Force toolbox is a hybrid initiative that increases strategic patrols of both uniformed and un-unformed and other personnel based on stats watching patterns of when thefts are occurring on both days, times, and in different areas of the town, Hornik said.

The hybrid initiative is modeled after what big cities used called CompStat, where they use data to deploy patrols where necessary.

People are typically deterred when they see law enforcement. It could be undercover law enforcement, but Hornik said he’s determined to have this town covered.

While it may be impossible to cover all 32 and a half square miles, there are patterns. If Marlboro applies statistical analysis to the more likely event where crimes will be committed based on previous crimes, they can adjust.

“I think we are, I believe the first town in New Jersey implementing this for these vehicle thefts,” Hornik said.

The mayor said he’s proud to say that the Marlboro Police Department has been doing an excellent job in coordinating with residents with the launch of the “See Something, Say Something, We’ll Do Something” campaign in 2019.

Residents have been calling the police to report any strange movement in their community.

“What that has done is it’s reduced the number of vehicle thefts dramatically. So, year over year, we’re down 32 percent in 2023, as compared to 2022,” Hornick said.

There were reportedly zero attempted car thefts in Marlboro last month, he added.
The town will keep introducing new measures until all the vehicle theft is out of town, Hornik said.

What else is in the Marlboro Auto Theft Task Force toolbox?

The town has partnered with neighbors and the Ring app in order for things to be reported on a more live basis. Police can dial in and see what’s going on through Ring app neighborhoods throughout the town.

“We lent a police officer on long-term assignment to the New Jersey Auto Theft Task Force in order to get better intel on the state level of what’s going on because this is a statewide problem, Hornik said.

He also urged Gov. Phil Murphy and Attorney General Matthew Platkin to lift the ban on police officers chasing those who commit these crimes.

Both Murphy and Platkin came to Marlboro to lift that ban, Hornik said. That means police officers can do their job which is to chase criminals when they commit crimes.

Marlboro was the first in the state to adopt a local Marlboro ordinance to maximize fines and require arrest warrants for those who commit crimes, he said.

Hornik said his main goal is not only to make Marlboro the safest place in New Jersey, but to make it the safest place in the nation.

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