Margate's Downbeach Deli wants you to know the longtime local favorite has not been sold, nor is the business for sale.

In a Facebook post over the weekend, the Essex Avenue deli said they have heard the rumors and they wanted to set the record straight.

It turns out what is for sale is the building at 8 South Essex Avenue where the Downbeach Deli has been serving old-fashioned comfort food for over 40 years.

Buddy Della Fave, who began working at Downbeach Deli when he was 15-years-old, purchased Downbech Deli from former owner Robert Hammerschag in 2015.

In his Facebook message, Della Fave tried to make it clear that Downbeach Deli is not going out of business.

The rumors that Downbeach Deli has been sold or that it is for sale are NOT true. The building where our business is located is for sale. We have a lease and we will be here for a long time. So you can keep counting on us for all your deli needs, holiday meals and more.

With the Passover holiday just ahead, always a busy time for a Jewish deli known for their hand-sliced Nova and lox and smoked fish, the last thing Downbech Deli needs is a bogus rumor that they are for sale or closing to distract them from the business at hand.

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