Condolences to all at the Tuckahoe Inn on the passing of Gerry Jones. Jones, the longtime owner of the Tuckahoe Inn in Marmara, died on Monday at 93.

From what I have heard and read about her, it sounds like she had an amazing life.

Gerry Jones was born and raised in Kanas in 1930, during the height of the Depression.

Her obituary says her family was so poor, as a child she lived in places that included a chicken shack and the back of a truck.

She married her first husband and worked as a secretary for the Boeing Company while living in Kansas. The family moved to Pennsylvania in 1964 and Gerry continued working for Boeing.

After the passing of her first husband, Gerry married Bill Jones, a Boeing vice president.

She retired from Boeing after 33 years and started restoring and selling furniture at an antique store that she owned with Bill in Lancaster County, PA.

When Bill died, she and her children bought the Tuckahoe Inn in 1996. Her son Tyson and daughter Vicki still own and run the Tuckahoe Inn.

Her family says her years with the Boeing corporation served her well in her management of the Tuckahoe Inn.

Gerry was known for her elegant ways of dressing and her attention to detail. She loved greeting patrons in the restaurant lobby and sitting outside with a cocktail in her hand.

Employees and guests alike became family to her. Her obituary says her influence continues to guide them in the Tuckahoe Inn's standard of excellence.

What a wonderful story and an amazing life.

Gerry Jones's funeral is Friday, May 12 in Palermo.

See her obituary for funeral details, memorial donation information, and for your condolences to the family.

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