If there's one good thing the Garden State has going for it, it HAS to be the food.

You can ask anybody that grew up in New Jersey, but has since moved away, and they'll tell you: you can't get a meal anywhere else in the country like you can here in Jersey. Whether that's because of the quality of bread/rolls, the sauces used in common dishes, or the cooking talent in general, whatever the reason, New Jersey's food is far superior when compared to most places.

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In South Jersey, the pizza wars are no joke. Sure, pizza joints are like Wawa in the fact that there's basically one on every corner. That doesn't bother people, though. That just means there's usually more than one delicious spot to choose from.

Someone recently asked Somers Point residents to name their favorite pizza place in the town. Of course, there were a lot of different opinions. People like what they like, after all. Still, three places in particular were mentioned the most out of them all.

Here are the best three places in Somers Point to pick up a pizza:

3.) Micchelli's Pizza

The buffalo chicken cheesesteak at Micchelli's is a big hit. People also said they enjoy their wings and even their Shrimp Alfredo dinner. A big draw to Micchelli's is the quantity of food you get, too.

2.) Italian Street Restaurant and Pizza

If you take a look at the reviews, people love Italian Street's Sicilian pie. Also, people rave about how good of a cheesesteak and hoagie (or sub, whatever you call it) you can get here.

Finally, the best spot to grab a pizza in Somers Point as voted by the locals is.....

3.) Joe's Mediterranean Grill

People LOVE them some Joe's in Somers Point. The first thing that people pointed out about Joe's was how it's become a staple within the Somers Point community. Secondly, they love how many Greek options the place offers. Finally, of course, most people said how much they love the pizza and the sauce over at Joe's.

To add your opinion to the conversation, you can join the specific Somers Point Facebook group HERE.

Source: Facebook

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