How often do you go grocery shopping?

With inflation and the cost of groceries increasing with, what seems to be, no end in sight, you're probably scanning the weekly circulars now a bit more diligently than before, right? Maybe that's just me. Still, there's usually stores that each of us tend to shop at more often than others.

If you're somebody that tends to shop at different stores for different items, then this bit of information might not be for you. Even so, it may be worth finding out which grocery stores your neighbors prefer. Maybe when that store runs out of something, you'll know where else to look for it by the process of elimination. It's just a thought, but we all experienced that not too long ago when it seemed like everywhere was running out of paper towels, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper during the pandemic. Remember that?

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Shoppers were definitely hopping all over the place for their groceries during that period of time. Now, though, since we're "back to normal," most of us have resumed our grocery shopping at our favorite spots.

So, which stores do Egg Harbor Residents prefer?

Somebody asked that question in an EHT-based Facebook group recently and received over 100 responses. What can I say? People have their preferences.

These are the top three stores at which EHT residents like to grocery shop beginning with the 3rd most popular answer:

3.) Walmart

Let's be real -- no one particular enjoys shopping at Walmart. It's more about the convenience of the place based on their hours. You'll go to Walmart late at night when you're in a pinch. While most people said they could take it or leave it, most did say that Walmart's their go-to store when they're in a bind.

2.) Aldi

I have to agree with this one. I LOVE Aldi. In fact, Aldi's primarily where I do most of my grocery shopping. Those that answered with Aldi agree with me hat it's their products and prices that keep them coming up. Aldi's part of the same company as Whole Foods, so you can pick up some pretty interesting finds in there. Not to mention, Aldi's prices are usually GREAT.

1.) ShopRite

Most people answered ShopRite is their go-to grocery store. I'll be honest, ShopRite stresses me out sometimes. I much prefer going to Aldi, but if I HAVE to go to ShopRite, I know I'll be able to get what I need at a decent price. A lot of residents stick with ShopRite for a variety of reasons. Some people like their meat selection while others treat it as a one-stop shop for everything. Either way, ShopRite won out in a landslide.

You can check out even more responses HERE.

Source: Facebook

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