This is not the biggest news of the summer. It's not even the worst thing that's happened down the shore lately, and it's not something multiple law enforcement agencies are working on. What it is though, is a story that touches each and every American.

Harriet Laury lives in Salem County. Every summer she vacations in Ocean City, and each and every Memorial Day since 2009, she's brought a flag down with her. She proudly flies it from the porch railing of her condo on Asbury Avenue.

However, that flag, like many probably do over the course of the summer, was stolen over the holiday weekend.

But here's the thing, this flag was more than just fabric and string to Laury, her children, 16 grandchildren and 26 great grandchildren. You see, that very flag was draped over the coffin of Laury's husband, Ben, when he was laid to rest three years ago.

Ben Laury, Sr. was a World War II bomber pilot. A decorated veteran who defined what it meant to be a part of the only generation to be called the "greatest". I hope you know or have been lucky enough to meet someone like Ben. If you have, then you understand what this flag means to his family.

The Laury family doubts the person or people who took flag understood its significance. They probably don't even care much about why the flag was stolen, they just want it back.

So to whoever took the Laury's flag, my plea is that you just give it back. I think we all owe that to the late Ben Laury, Sr.

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