You never know what you might see for sale on Facebook Marketplace. Are you in the market for a tiny floating house or Airbnb?

Tiny Floating House or Office For Sale in Atlantic City

$79,000 sounds like a fair price for this brand-new floating home or office listed for sale in Atlantic City.

The building was intended to be an office for a marina and the owners did a good job getting it ready for life on the water. Then they had a change in plans and now they are selling the floating structure.

What Does the Tiny Floating Home Have to Offer?

The Facebook Marketplace ad says the floating home is ocean-ready and heavy-duty, secured to 40-foot-long pontoons.

The building has a weatherproof metal roof and upgraded marine plywood, all stainless marine-grade hardware, insulated windows, and 30-year architectural shingles.

Is the Tiny Floating House Big Enough to Be a Houseboat or Airbnb?

It is, but on the small side. says the average houseboats range from 20 to over 90 feet in length and 8 to 20 feet in width. In most cases, 40 to 50 feet is the average length for a houseboat to be comfortable as a long-term dwelling.

The floating house for sale is 12' x 30'. The door height is 6'6" with a 12' roof pitch. It is certainly big enough for second-home vacation usage or to rent as an Airbnb if you have the right dock location. Hey, tiny houses are all the rage these days!

Is It a Tiny Floating Home or a House Boat?

Some “floating homes” are as big as a small house — and are built to be lived in the same way — only on a floating foundation. Houseboats or liveaboards are typically much smaller than floating homes and more mobile, and they may not have the amenities a larger home can offer.

How Do I Find Out More About This Tiny Floating Home or Office?

Click this link to see additional photos and get contact information through Facebook Marketplace. The floating home was still listed for sale as of Jan. 4, 2024.

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