For 15 years, Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG has teamed up with American Recreation Military Services to send American soldiers serving around the world some love from South Jersey with Lite Rock's Valentines for the Troops.

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Lite Rock's Valentines for the Troops helps put valentines in the hands of some of the 170,000 American military personnel, many from New Jersey, who are serving in 150 countries around the word, including thousands who were recently deployed to the Middle East.

Please help us remember them and show them some South Jersey love by donating homemade valentines cards, chocolates, and small teddy bears.

We team up with the New Jersey-based non-profit ARMS (American recreational Military Services) each year for Lite Rock's Valentines for the Troops. Our annual goal is to provide a care package for every service member from New Jersey.

This year, we’ve also been asked to make a special appeal for the following items:

·         Roni Cup Noodles
·         Beef Jerky
·         Tissues – small packs
·         Razors
·         Feminine products
·         Cereal – individual round containers
·         Peanuts
·         Cheese/peanut crackers

 You can drop your Valentines off at the Lite Rock studio located at 950 Tilton Road in Northfield, Monday through Friday between 8:30 AM and 5 PM. The deadline is Thursday, February 13th at 5 PM.

 Schools, churches and civic groups…we really need your help this year!

The ARMS organization could also use donations to help with the mailing of these items to our American troops ARMS secure donation link.

  • Shipped over 1,300,000 lbs. of necessities to servicemen and women overseas.
  • Distributed 480 Thanksgiving baskets.
  • Collected 68,260 presents for children of mobilized soldiers.
  • Distributed 25,000 pre-paid calling cards.
  • Served 180,000 meals to troops.
  • Provided over $168,000 in direct financial aid to families.
  • Served meals and snacks to over 180,000 family members.
  • Raised $30,000 to send 42 soldiers home for the holidays before deployment.
  • Participated in over 150 Homecomings and Freedom Salutes from.

Thank you in advance for sending love to our soldiers with Lite Rock's Valentines for the Troops!

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