Have you ever wondered where you came from?

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We asked our listeners in a recent Facebook post to share a cool story about one of their older relatives or ancestors. Lite Rock listener Danielle shared a story about being related to a former president. What!

My Great Great Grandfather was a McGovern, I recently learned through other groups on facebook and ancestry.com I'm distantly related to JFK (his "grannie" -great (or great great - I forget) grandmother was a McGovern. - Danielle E.

Christina M. shared an important story of bravery when her father arrived in the U.S. after being born and raised in Germany.

My dad will be 79 years old in March. He was 18 when he left Germany to come to the US with his friends to make some money as a fisherman and take it home. At 18 my grandparents put him on a boat, waved good bye and it was weeks before they’d get a letter from him saying he made it to America safely. 6 years before they’d see him again. He fell in love with the US. Taught himself how to speak English and read and write. He became a US citizen and Met my mom and they married in 1962. The same year all of his friends were lost at sea during a huge nor’easter. Their names are on the monument in cape May. They never made it home again and my father was the only survivor from their group. Thankful he wasn’t at sea during that storm. At age 25 I was born and my brother came along 6 years after me😊. He came to own and operate his own fishing boat and gave our family a wonderful life. He’s retired now, and my mom will be gone 6 years in April. I’m so proud of my dad. And so proud of my German heritage. - Christina M.

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As for me, I would love to know more about my family's history. Both of my grandparent's were born in Italy, but I don't know much more than that. I'd love to hear about when they first came to America.

If you're like me and want to know more about your family's history, there are plenty of ways to dig around and discover more about your family tree. Check these out:

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