The Lite 96.9 Feel Good Person of the Week is a person you know who inspires others, who makes a difference, who acts as a role model, a person who goes out of their way to make it a better day for other people.

We are featuring one of these inspirational people each week and we need your help finding them. You can nominate someone here.

Jamie Morrison of Galloway is a great example. She was nominated by her mother.

Jamie is a nurse and big help to her mother caring for her brother, who has multiple sclerosis.

She also donated a kidney to a South Jersey man she didn't know before realizing she was a match and agreeing to give him one of her kidneys.

That man, who is alive today because of Jamie's gift, refers to her as 'his angel".

Listen to her mother's nominating letter and the conversation we had with her about her daughter, Jamie, the Lite 96.9 Feel Good Person of the Week.

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