A radio listener reached out to me looking for a necklace locket her brother lost that is very special to their family.

This locket contained their father's ashes. The locket is the same type as the one shown in the photo with the US Navy emblem. The locket shown is from an advertisement, not a photo of the real locket, but it's of the same style.

It went missing in the last week or so and was lost somewhere in South Jersey.

There is a possibility that the necklace locket was lost somewhere around Margate, but that's not definite.

If you find a locket in this style with a US Navy emblem, please contact me through Lite96.9's App or at eddie.davis@townsquaremedia.com and I will put you in touch with the family.

This item has real sentimental value to this family. If you find it, please take the time to help them.

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