A woman's list on Twitter, now known as X, of the restaurants and other places women would refuse to go to on a first date has gone viral, with over 7.6 million views.

My question: Do women really feel this way and, if so, what the heck is the matter with them?

The womens' list is a combination of fast food restaurants, and possible first date night activities like going to the movies, bowling or having a drink.

Want to go to a sporting event? You are out of luck with these girls.

How about a church function to break the ice on a first date? Surely, you are joking.

How about just grabbling a cup of coffee together? These girls think not.

Welcome to the 'high maintenance club'.

I am guessing that the list is meant to be a joke, but, honestly, I'm not sure.

There seems to be a smidgen of truth sprinkled in with the laughs. I sense an attitude that says, if you can't spend a ton of money on entertaining me on the first date, then don't even bother asking me out.

If people weren't already stressed out enough about meeting someone special in their lives, these women have upped the ante for impressing them to a degree where few dating partners have any chance.

Wait, you want to take me to a nightclub or a family function? I don't think so, boyfriend!

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