This is cracking me up.

A group of Lego enthusiasts from South Jersey have come up with the ultimate Lego beach and boardwalk homage and have dubbed it..."Tilewood".

Tilewood is actually more than just Lego Wildwood, according to the South Jersey Lego Users Group.

They feel that Tilewood is a combined re-creation of Wildwood, Seaside Heights, and Ocean City in Lego form. You see, this labor of Lego is really a labor of love for the Jersey shore.

The group created this colossal, Lego brick-size replica of a South Jersey shore town, from the ocean to the beach to the boardwalk, complete with all the people, the shops, the tram cars, and everything else you would equate with the scene. It is amazing!

The South Jersey Lego Users group is based in West Berlin, NJ.  They recently had Tilewood on display at Brickfest, a traveling Lego-geeks convention held in Oaks, Pa. The group plans to showcase Tilewood at more lego conventions.

I know the question you are thinking, and, yes, they have to transport it and assemble Tilewood every time it moves to a new convention site.

Club president Kristie Evans told 6 ABC about 20 people worked for about 8 weeks on this collaborative salute to beach life at the Jersey shore.

"We get the same question every time, how many pieces did it take? Well, we don't know how many. There's no way to count the pieces. I do know that our clubhouse has more than 16,000 pounds of sorted Lego pieces."

In order to get a better sense of the detail and the thought that went into this project, you have to watch this attached video with club members explaining and showing lego Wildwood/Ocean City/Seaside up close.

There are even couples making out under the boardwalk. They thought of everything!

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