Energy drinks are becoming increasingly popular with younger generations. These drinks with immense levels of caffeine with such brands as Monster, Red Bull, and others can also have detrimental side effects on our health.
These drinks are mostly made up of high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Other ingredients include L-carnitine, a substance in our bodies that turns fat into energy, and taurine, an amino acid found in meat and fish. These drinks are made so that athletes, studying students, or gamers get an extra boost of energy.

What they might not know is the danger of these energy boosts. Several reliable sources such as the American Academy of Pediatrics claim that children should not consume them under the age of 18. Other health experts claim that they should also not be consumed if pregnant. The side effects of these drinks attack two main areas, the heart, and the brain.

If you are hooked on energy drinks, try some other alternatives such as coffee (yes, it really is not that bad), Kombucha, iced or hot tea.


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    Effects on the Heart

    Energy drinks have shown that they raise heart rates and blood pressure, and if consumed in excess also lead to increased anxiety and stress levels. Amino acids and plant extracts are ingredients mixed with large amounts of caffeine and sugar to make this energy boost unnatural. Without portion control of the drinks, they can have detrimental effects on children's arteries.

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    Effects on the Brain

    Another area where these drinks can have dangerous effects is the brain. Depending on the number of drinks you consume it can lead to caffeine intoxication. Side effects of this include muscle twitching, insomnia, increased stress, and anxiety. The United States military has warned against active members consuming these drinks. There are also smaller studies that link the amount of energy drink consumption to future mental health problems.

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