Hear a little buzzing noise coming from above in Cape May Court House? No, it's not a bird. It's not a plane. It is, however, meant to protect the birds here in South Jersey, though.

According to NJ.com, if you've been noticing the tiny drones flying around throughout Cape May County recently, don't worry. It's not another spy balloon incident. What is actually taking place, however, is a study that's meant to preserve the life of birds by way of preventing them from flying into powerlines.

Birds do that pretty often, ya know.

So, the point of these drones is to reroute the birds so no collision occurs. Think of them almost like flying lighthouses. Lighthouses are used to make ships close to shore aware of just how close they are to land. That's basically the point of the drones. They're attempting to divert the different birds' paths away from the power lines in an effort to spare them.

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NJ.com reports that there are currently 1,500 bird diverters installed. Since birds quite often use power lines and telephone poles as makeshift perches, it's common for them to sustain injuries or even die as a result. Some of those birds happen to be endangered. That's why it's important to try and prevent that from happening.

Apparently, Atlantic City Electric now has in place what they call the Avian Protection Program. These drones alert them to when a bird has fallen or been injured from one of their powerlines. At that point, the company puts forth a more solid effort to protect birds and other wildlife in that area.

Nice little alert system these drones are providing for them, huh? Save the birds!

Source: NJ.com

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