Lite Rock listeners answered the challenge so quickly and affirmatively that the American Red Cross has returned to us asking if we could fill a second blood drive.

One day after we began to publicize a blood drive at the Egg Harbor Township Community Center to help with the severe shortage of blood supplies during the COVID-19 crisis, generous and caring Lite Rock listeners filled every spot available for that drive.

Caitlin from the American Red Cross told me she had never seen anything like it. Completely sold out in less than a day. Her next question? Could we do it again the next day? We can certainly try!

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Join Lite Rock 96.9 WFPG, as we team with the American Red Cross for a second blood drive, Thursday, May 6 from 9 a.m - 2 p.m. at the Egg Harbor Township Community Center, 5045 English Creek Ave.

Have the events during the coronavirus crisis left you wondering what you can do to help? We have just the opportunity for you to help, and when you do, you will know you are saving lives. Give blood.

Major blood drives were canceled by the thousands nationwide in March as COVID-19 spread across the country. That means there's a severe shortage of donor blood.

Those shortages will force doctors to make tough calls when administering care, according to a statement from Chris Houdra, president of Red Cross Biometric Services. Four fifths of the blood the American Red Cross collects comes from large blood drives.

"Donating blood is a safe process and people should not hesitate to give or receive blood," according to the American Red Cross' website. "Right now, eligible and healthy donors are strongly urged to make an appointment to give soon."

The Red Cross has implemented added precautions to ensure blood drives and the donations centers are safe for donors and staff.

These include:

- Using sterile collection sets

- Spacing beds 6 ft. apart

- Using aseptic scrubs on arms

- Temperature checks on donors and staff before entering the drive

- Wiping down donor-touched area

- Having hand sanitizer available

- Providing a call back number donors should call if they become sick in the days after donating

“Blood donation drives are a vital and essential activity that our health care systems rely on to complete surgeries, treatments, and critical care,” said Governor Murphy. “The COVID-19 outbreak threatens to disrupt our blood supply and we must continue these operations to ensure that we can meet the critical medical needs of all New Jersey residents.”

To donate blood, individuals need to bring a blood donor card or driver’s license or two other forms of identification that are required at check-in. Individuals who are 17 years of age,  weigh at least 110 pounds and are in generally good health may be eligible to donate blood. High school students and other donors 18 years of age and younger also must meet certain height and weight requirements.

Donors can also save up to 15 minutes at the blood drive by completing a RapidPass®. With RapidPass®, donors complete the pre-donation reading and health history questionnaire online, on the day of donation, from a mobile device or computer. To complete a RapidPass®, follow the instructions at or use the Red Cross Blood Donor App.

Please join me, Eddie Davis from the Lite Rock Morning Show, giving the gift of life at the American Red Cross Blood Drive between 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Thursday May 7 at the EHT Community Center.


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