The government shutdown, which is the longest shutdown in US history, is now entering week number four with no end in sight.

According to CNN, there are currently no meeting or talks scheduled to end the shutdown scheduled today on Capital Hill in Washington D.C..

In our area, there are 1,500 federal employees including FAA and Coast Guard personal who are feeling ramifications due to the shutdown of the government.

Atlantic County residents and families in need of food can now turn to the JFS Food Pantry located at 607 N. Jerome Avenue in Margate for help.

Non-perishables including cereal, pasta, canned vegetables, mac and cheese,canned tuna, and more. Walk in hours at The Jewish Family Service Food Pantry is 9 AM to 3 PM and you will need ID or proof of residence.

The Community Food Bank in Egg Harbor Township  is also offering help to those in need affected by the shutdown with one-time emergency food assistance. You can call the Food Bank located on  at 609-383-8843 for more info.

Sources: JFS Press Release 1/14/19,


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