Egg Harbor Township Police Deparmtnet Officers have teamed up with a few EHT High School alumni to create the new interactive opiod awareness program known as "Not even once."

According to, the program being brought to Egg Harbor Township High School features, "features instructors, who are all EHT alumni, that educate and inform students about the dangers of abusing opioids," which means NEO is being used as a preemptive strike to stop kids from picking up opioid drugs before a problem can even start.

The program officially kicked off January 7th, 2019 and the presentations are being done during seniors' health and physical education classes through mid-March.

The title was chosen very purposefully -- most heroin users who say that they wished they never tried the drug uttered the phrase, "Not even once."

"They take great pride in their alma mater and want to make a difference in the battle against opioid abuse," township police stated in a news release.

Take a look at to check out the original story and please share so more preemptive strikes can start up all over South Jersey.

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