What do you do when you're the mother of two NFL football stars playing AGAINST each other? You wear apparel supporting BOTH. Check out Mama Donna Kelce's new shoes ahead of Monday night's Eagles vs. Chiefs game.

Donna's mom to Philadelphia Eagles Center Jason Kelce and Kansas City Chiefs Tight End Travis Kelce.

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Mama Kelce's profile was heightened this past February when both of her sons were competing against each other in Super Bowl 57. Notable was her wardrobe which consisted of jerseys and jacket that were half Philadelphia Eagles and half Kansas City Chiefs. She's got a whole wardrobe!

Tonight marks a Super Bowl rematch with the Eagles in Kansas City to play the Chiefs, and the first time since that big game that Donna's got to try and root for both her boys at once.

Super Bowl LVII - NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference
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To celebrate, the shoe company Hey Dude gifted Donna a new pair of kicks. The right show is yellow and red for the Chiefs and the left show is green and black for the Eagles.

Donna showed off her new shoes while wearing a jacket that shows her support for both Kansas City and Philadelphia.

I'm sure the Monday Night Football and ESPN TV cameras will pan to Mama Kelce quite a bit tonight for two reasons: 1) to see her sporting her hybrid Eagles/Chiefs gear, and 2) because we hear Travis' girlfriend Taylor Swift will be bringing her parents to the game to hang out with the Kelce fam.

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