Admittedly, I'm someone who is fascinated by Mother Nature.

Have you ever just stopped what you are doing to watch the antics of some creature outside your window?

My bosses probably wouldn't be happy to know this, but there are days I sit in my office and I just marvel at the beautiful display of nature right in front of me.

If I'm having a tough day, I take a time out and various creatures always seem to cheer me up.

At home, we live in a community with a lot of trees, and there are a large number of squirrels that call those trees home.

Squirrels at Work

One day last fall, I was sitting in our living room, and looking out the window.  We have a large tree just outside our window and I noticed frenetic activity going on.

Squirrels were frantically running up and down the tree.  I noticed that they were carrying leaves and twigs in their mouths.

They seemed so organized.  As the day went on, a big ball of leaves was developing in the tree.

What is a Drey

I did some research and discovered that these balls of leaves are called DREYS.

These dreys are typically abandoned birds' nests that the squirrels take over, do some renovations, and then move into.

It's a safe place to sleep, raise their young and stay warm.

As we enter the spring season, I can't help but be impressed by the way the drey outside our window held up.  Despite the wind, rain, and some snow, it's held up well.

What's With The Big Balls of Leaves In Your Trees?

We didn't mean for that to rhyme--but there's more to the big bunch of leaves in your tree this time of year!

Gallery Credit: Credit: Mateo, 103.5 KISS FM

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