Intravenous (IV) Hydration Therapy is exploding in popularity. This type of therapy infuses the body with fluids, vitamins, and minerals delivered directly through an IV drip. This is the fastest route throughout the body since it is introduced directly into the bloodstream. IV Hydration Therapy is especially good for combatting dehydration, which can occur when a person suffers from vomiting or diarrhea due to excessive drinking or illness. It can also be used to promote immunity and for a general pick-me-up.

IV Hydration Therapy is now being offered by Jersey Shore IV Hydration, part of Jersey Shore Medical Alliance, in Somers Point. According to its website,  "When a person becomes dehydrated, water, electrolytes, and essential nutrients are lost from the body. Rehydration is the beginning of renewing your body and getting it back to its natural functioning state. This treatment is a combination of fluids, B complex and Vitamin C which can help restore fluid and nutrient deficiencies. Whether you are not drinking enough water throughout the day, you feel groggy or you simply don’t feel like yourself, this IV Hydration Therapy Drip can help hydrate you and help you feel well again."

IV Hydration Therapy can be done can now come to you. Dr. Brian Sokalsky, of Jersey Shore IV Hydration in Somers Point, explains how it works.

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