It is no secret that we are addicted to our cell phones. Cell phones and other devices are part of our everyday lives. On average, we may use our cell phones for more than three to five hours every day, which can result in a pain in the neck - literally.

Sometimes called text neck, it is the chronic pain and stiffness we may experience in our neck after looking down at our device.  Too much cell phone use can also result in slouching and poor boday posture which is actually linked to other health issues.

When I see my kids hunched over their phone or tablet and always remind them to straighten up and pull their shoulders back, and I try to remember to do it myself.

if you are experiencing text neck or poor posture due to cell use,  stretches and strength exercises can help relieve stiffness and pain. We’ve got five great ways to  avoid cell phone slouching and text neck and improve your body posture,

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    One of the easiest ways to avoid text neck is by holding your device up to your eye level. Whether you’re sitting or standing, make sure you’re upright and bring your cell phone to your head. This will force you to hold your head, neck, and shoulders in a better position.

    As unusual as this posture is, it will prevent you from tilting your head down. It will also make you use your smartphone for a short time as you’re required to be straight.

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    If you’re at home or in bed, then you can rest on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the surface. You should hold your phone over your face instead of raising your head. By being in this position, your head will be in the same plane as your shoulders, which will relax your body muscles.

    Once again, this posture will also force you to use your device for a short time as your shoulders will tire out. This can help decrease the amount of time you use your cell phone throughout the day.

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    Most smartphones have a voice activation feature or app that allows you to send text messages and make calls. Once again, bring your device up to your head and speak to it.

    Another solution is to use a headset rather than holding your phone between your ear and neck. This position also causes tension and adds pressure to your neck and shoulders. By wearing a headset, you will still be upright and make that necessary phone call.

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    After a long day of cell phone use, you might be experiencing neck pain and stiffness. Neck stretches and strength exercises can help alleviate that pain. You can do something simple such as side-to-side neck tilts or chin tucks.

    Try core workouts such as planks or leg raises to strengthen your abdominal muscles and lower back. Do shoulder exercises such as rotations or arm circles. You can also check out these other specific workouts that can relieve text neck.

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    Limiting your cell phone use is easier said than done, but if is for your own good.

    Take frequent breaks from using your smartphone by going for a walk or reading a book. Delete any unnecessary apps from your phone that can distract you. Instead, set up a designated time to use your social media or play your games.

    Overall, putting down your device can help make the difference in your posture and your body.

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