As surgical facilities begin to open, we are not just coping with normal surgical fears, but also with coronavirus pandemic.  It is important to note that medical facilities and surgical centers are taking every precaution to ensure our health and safety and anxiety about the virus should not keep us from getting a vital surgical procedure that can restore our quality of life.

That said, it is still natural for people to be scared or anxious leading up to surgery. Dr. Fabio Orozco, from Orozco Orthopaedics, says that his goal is to treat patients like family. The most important thing is to connect with your doctor and his team before and after surgery so that you can be assured that you have all the information you need.

Denise Urtibey registered nurse and operations director at Orozco Orthopaedics works with patients one-on-one before and after surgery to alleviate their concerns. She says that allowing patients and their families to contact her with any questions is one of the best ways to reduce anxiety.

When it comes to surgery, Orozco Orthopaedics gives their patients more than just information. Letting the patient know that someone is there for them when they need it most is what Orozco Orthopaedics strives to do when preparing someone for surgery.

Some steps to overcome the fear of surgery are to get healthy for surgery and remain healthy after surgery, know what to expect, keep yourself distracted on surgery day, and have a support group of family and friends. Most importantly, you should talk with your doctor and hospital staff about what to expect and develop a relationship beyond just the facts of the surgery. 

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