You don't need to be a weatherman to know that we are in for months of cold weather this winter in New Jersey. What can be more painful than dealing with that cold air is the discomfort of paying those high heating bills. Ouch!

The state of New Jersey offers multiple payment assistance programs for customers struggling to pay their energy bills.

These programs can be a bit confusing, so I have broken them down into the programs that can save you the most money on heating costs or help you if you're in jeopardy of having your utilities shut off.

How Much Money Could I Save On My Heating Bills?

You could save quite a bit of money, potentially. Up to $180 a month in one program and a grant for up to $700 in another.

Is It Hard To Get Heating Assistance in New Jersey?

The money is available if you fall within the income eligibility range. But, you will have to do your homework to fill out the forms and meet the deadlines.

Think of this work in terms of the reward you will receive. If you can get a fair amount of assistance on your heating bills, you can use those savings for your family and to better your life.

Get Up to $180 @ Month To Help With Your Bills

The Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP) helps New Jersey households pay for heating costs and certain medically necessary cooling expenses. Renters who have their heating costs included in their rent may also qualify.

You Could Be Elidible For a $700 Grant for Heating Bills

NJ SHARES is a non-profit organization that provides assistance to income-eligible New Jersey households for paying their energy, telephone, internet, and water bills.

NJ SHARES grant amounts can be up to $700 for heating sources and can be up to $700 for electric service.  All grant payments are issued directly to the utility company on the customer’s behalf.

Apply at or call 866-657-4273 for more information.

Is there Help Avoiding Utility Termination?

Yes, there is. The Winter Termination Program protects residential customers from disconnection of utilities from November 15th - March 15th. Also, if you are unable to pay your utility bills due to circumstances beyond your control may request the protection of WTP.

Call your utility company to request WTP protection, or if you have a complaint about your utility company, call the Board of Public Utilities at 800-624-0241. You can also view the Utility Customer’s Bill of Rights 

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