Ever wonder just how healthy it is living in South Jersey? Well, there's a new list out ranking the healthiest counties in the Garden State, including Atlantic and Cape May!

The new list is out from CountyHealthRatings.org which breaks down all of New Jersey's counties from the healthiest to the least healthiest. The list was determined by 35 factors including quality and quantity of life. Also, how many people live to be 75 and older, how healthy the water and air are, plus, they look at income levels, how high is the crime rate, and how close you are to parks and grocery stores.

Out of the 21 counties in New Jersey, Atlantic County comes in at number 17 and Cape May County comes in slightly higher at 16. The healthiest county in the state according to the report is Hunterdon County, and the least healthiest is Cumberland.

See the full list here.

I'm a little surprised the Atlantic and Cape May didn't come in higher on the list due to the fact how much each county has to offer including the beautiful beaches and resorts.


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