Covid-19 is the biggest health and economic crisis the world has ever faced. Our day-to-day lives have been drastically altered, but how has the pandemic actually affected our thinking, our view of life, and our emotional well-being? 

If you are like me, you have realized how much we have taken for granted.  People need to be with people.  Many of us feel more isolated and disconnected from friends, family, and the world in general.   We crave seeing others, sharing laughs, and hugging each other. Social gatherings, concerts, events, family get-togethers, even work, and school, are all something we cherish now more than ever before. 

In some ways, our sense of security has been shaken.  We feel protected by the police or military, but this is not an outside enemy attacking our nation. This is an invisible microbe that has single-handedly changed our lives.  

Yet, there have been some positives. More people are now familiar with technology,  quickly how to do more online than ever before.  My parents, who are in their eighties, have learned to shop online, get groceries delivered, and even do Zoom calls.  Businesses and other organizations have shown resilience by adapting to online services or contact-free experiences.

The pandemic has also made us more health conscientious. We are more aware of contaminated surfaces, germs, and the importance of taking steps to prevent disease.  In addition to following safety guidelines, we also realize the value of maintaining a healthy weight, exercise, and good nutrition to keep our immune system strong.  

The American spirit of generosity is evident in how many people are helping others in need through donations or volunteering.  Although there is a lot of turmoil in our world, we all recognize that we are in this together and that has made us more caring and compassionate toward one another.  Tell us how the pandemic has affected your view of things in the comments below.

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