A lot of shopping must get done during the holidays and if you are like me, you tend you over spend...EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

Well this is the year that we both put that trend to bed.

So it is time to budget so we can make it out of this holiday season alive!! Well, we will be alive but NOT IN DEBT!

1. Pay In Full

This is a very easy trap to fall into but only purchase what you can pay for right then and there out of pocket. Even if you put it onto a credit card to accrue points, make sure that if you had to, you could pay it off the second you purchase to avoid paying interest.

2. Make A List

Try and determine who you will be buying for and what you will be getting them in advance. It will avoid last minute purchases that you spot which add up a lot quicker than you think. PLUS, if you set out a list ahead of time, you know who you plan to buy for and won't continuously add to the list. I know giving gifts are fun but they are also expensive.

3. Shop Alone

Believe it or not, it has been proven that if you have more people with you, you will spend more money. It makes sense. "Hey Nicole! Come over here and look at this! Don't you think this would be the perfect gift for XYZ?" This will cause you to impulsively buy AND to stray away from the list you made above.

4. Don't Let Sales Determine

If you had already planned on buying something and it happens to be on sale, GREAT! But buying something just because it is 50% off does NOT save you money. (I know, this fact broke my heart too)

5. Do Your Research

Before splurging on an expensive purchase, do your research online to make sure it is the best deal that you are getting. Plus, there are even ways to install coupon finders into your browser which will find you discounts without you having to do anything extra. It may be just a dollar or two but it adds up.

Did I miss any? Because I can seriously get all the help possible.

These tips came from Wiki so take a look if you want to see the original.

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