Who doesn't love a good laugh? Just when we need it most, April is National Humor Month, a good time to find ways to keep the mood light during this challenging time. In addition to just feeling good, laughter decreases stress hormones and help support our immunity, something all of us could use.  

So what can we do to add a little humor to our life?  Since we can’t go to a comedy club, we can bring the comedy club to us. There are terrific comedians on TV, streaming services and YouTube, and there are also a lot of funny YouTube videos.   The internet is also loaded with entertaining posts and videos on social media to give us a few laughs. 

Comedy family movie night is also good for some laughs.  Check out this list of the funniest family movies.  Sit down with your family, pop some popcorn and have a great time. Make it a game, whoever laughs first has to do the dishes for the week.

Family game night is also great fun, or you can host your own family comedy night and create your own jokes.  Have everyone write down some jokes, put them in a bowl and read them out. Vote on the funniest joke and come up with a fun prize for the winner.

Whatever you choose, you just need to keep laughing,  especially through the hard times. So add a little comedy to your life during National Humor Month. 

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