Many people believe that teaching is the most important profession. After following the teaching profession for many years, I would say that excelling as a teacher may be the most difficult profession.

The ability to make the subject matter - matter to the student - is a talent that sets some teachers apart as the best in their field.

The New Jersey School Boards Association held the County Teachers of the Year Virtual Awards Ceremony honors on Wednesday, Aug 25, and announced the state's twenty-one 2021-2022 County Teachers of the Year.

These County Teachers of the Year are being recognized for their hard work and dedication to ensure student success.

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We want to offer congratulations and send props to our local South Jersey winners.

The Atlantic County Teacher of the Year announced on Wednesday is Jim House, a science teacher at Egg Harbor Township High School. Here's is Jim's impressive bio from the NJ Dep't of Education website.

Jim House holds a master’s degree in environmental studies from Stockton University. He has taught environmental science at Egg Harbor Township High School for the last 18 years. During his tenure he transformed an abandoned field into an innovative outdoor learning area that was created and now maintained by his students. He was instrumental in Egg Harbor Township High School achieving the United States Department of Education Green Ribbon Award, as well as certification through Sustainable Jersey for Schools and the Green Flag Award through Eco-Schools. Outside of school, he is a member of the Egg Harbor Township Municipal Green Team and a member of the Atlantic County Solid Waste Advisory Committee.

The Cape May County Teacher of the Year is Lee Anne Tarr, an elementary and social-emotional learning teacher at Cape May City Elementary School.

Lee Anne Tarr, currently a graduate student at Rowan University, has taught for twenty-nine years. She has been recognized twice as her school’s Teacher of the Year and held the position of Festival Director for the Cape May County Coast Guard Community Foundation. Being the daughter of a teacher and military service member allows her to relate to the students she serves. Lee Anne’s unique school community comprises both children who reside in Cape May City and children who live on the United States Coast Guard Training Base. From seeing what educational practices worked early on  for her and concisely evolving them to meet the needs of her students, she  is carrying the torch that her mother and other colleagues have passed on. Being familiar with the lifestyle of her students with parents in the Coast Guard, allows her to empathize and sympathize as she has walked in their shoes once before. Lee Anne’s familiarity with her students' mindset even before they enter her classroom really helps set very conducive learning environment.

Congratulations to the Cumberland County Teacher of the Year, Samantha Johnson Boyer, a pre-kindergarten teacher at Charles F. Seabrook School in the Upper Deerfield Township School District.

Samantha Johnson Boyer earned her bachelor’s degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a master’s degree in teaching from Montclair State University. In her six years at Seabrook School, she has balanced her roles as teacher and leader while maintaining an outstanding record of student achievement. Samantha continues to demonstrate her leadership qualities in a plethora of ways and to grow and develop these skills by remaining involved in professional growth programs. She has led her Pre-K colleagues through many changes and challenges by facilitating professional development experiences, creating resources to navigate remote teaching and serving as a curriculum coach. She is a professional learning community facilitator, a leader in a state-wide community of practice, and vice president of her local school association. Samantha is always willing to go above and beyond for all students at Seabrook School, not just the ones in her classroom.

See the complete list of New Jersey's County Teachers of the Year 2021-2022.

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