From Recovery Centers of America...

"Recovery Centers of America has created a Christian Faith-Based Program for those who wish to incorporate their faith into addiction treatment. Whether you already stand strong in your faith, want to explore spirituality/religion further, or just feel as though you’ve lost touch with your faith, we’re here to meet you where you are with encouragement and compassion.

Reconnecting with your spirituality or religion could be the catalyst to filling those voids of emptiness that are created during an addiction. Just remember – try to be open to trying different methods of reconnecting with your spirituality or religion. What might have worked for you while in active addition might not be the right fit anymore.

We’re glad to help you spark that connection or to help you continue to grow with the momentum you already have."

The “Christian Faith-Based Program” is led by Pastor Zack Caracostantakis, who explains how the 12-step process helps patients become closer to God and add spirituality to their recovery.

For more information on this program, please visitr Recovery Centers of America at Lighthouse.

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