St. Patrick's Day is finally here! My wife has been working endlessly to transform our house into all things green to celebrate. Seriously, we have green shamrocks all over the house right now. Have you ever wondered why green is the official color for St. Patrick's Day?

The color green has been associated with St. Paddy's Day at least since the 1640. The Irish Catholic Federation used a green harp flag also at that time. The color green is also featured in the flag of the Emerald Isle and of course shamrocks are green. Shamrocks, by the way, are a symbol of Irish culture and heritage.

Every wonder why you could get pinched for not wearing green on St. Patrick's Day? Well, according to Better Homes and Gardens, people who first came over to the United States from Ireland wore green to make them invisible to those pesky little leprechauns.

The thought was that if you pinch someone for not wearing green, you were subtly reminding people that leprechauns were lurking. You were also warning people about a possible sneak attack by the little leprechaun. This day in age, I wouldn't recommend pinching anyone on St. Paddy's Day for not wearing green, but it still makes for a cool story!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


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