Distraction burglaries are the trendy new way to burglarize the homes of some of South Jersey's most vulnerable people. That's what Hammonton Police are warning after two, or, possibly three distraction burglaries happened recently in town.

According to the police, during a distraction burglary, the unsuspecting homeowner is conned by someone posing as a salesman, utility worker, or a woman with car trouble trying to distract you while a second person sneaks into your home somehow and steals whatever they can.

Hammonton Police say the average age of the distraction burglaries they have seen is 81.

Police suggest being very wary of anyone who is trying to get you to step outside of your home. If you do go outside for any reason, you should lock your door on the way out and make sure there is no easy way for anyone to enter while you are outside.

Be your own best advocate and ask a lot of questions. If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't.

Hammonton Police are looking for a man suspected in these distraction burglaries who is described as a thin white man, approximately 5' 7'' tall, with dark hair, and wearing a yellow bandana.

Witnesses say the man seemed to be speaking a different language to someone of on the phone.

The suspects are believed to be driving a dark-colored Chrysler Town and County van with a PA registration.
If you have any information about this suspect, call Hammonton Police at 609-561-4000.

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