Six Flags Great Adventure is getting creative when it comes to safety precautions this Halloween season.

The theme park is currently hosting "Hallowfest" -- the COVID-19-friendly version of their annual "Fright Fest" -- so that celebrations can continue on while keeping everyone safe and healthy amid the COVID-19 Pandemic.

And as expected, there are some adjustments that had to be made so Hallowfest could happen and one of those changes is very creative if you ask me.

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There will be still be zombie actors and scary entertainers this year who will be wearing two face mask layers instead of one.

According to, they will be, "wearing a hand-painted latex mask cover on top of a surgical mask," so that Six Flags Great Adventure can still live up to their scary and spooky reputation while abiding by CDC guidelines.

G E N I U S.

 “We knew that just wearing regular costume masks over surgical masks would destroy the quality of our product," said Andrea Kovalik, Six Flag's special effects makeup supervisor. "We pride ourselves on the seamless, authentic ghoul look that we’ve created over the years. Our new latex mask covers provide a covering for half the face, and we’re able to blend the mask into the rest of the face as seamlessly as possible. The end result maintains our high Six Flags standard, and some say the look is even scarier.”

Each actor will have their own latex mask -- if they didn't it would kind of defeat the purpose -- and they are all sanitized daily.

This new safety precaution is being implemented in addition to other typical rules: face masks, thermal scanning, touchless bag checking and social distancing.

What a creative way to keep the special affects of Hallowfest/Fright Fest alive while still ensuring that celebrations can go on without putting others at risk.

If anything, those actors will be grateful for that extra layer as the weather gets colder.

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