If you assumed, like me, that the only place in America that was called Egg Harbor was here in South Jersey, you're wrong.

Get to know Egg Harbor, Wisconsin!

Egg Harbor, Wisconsin, is a sleepy little village located about an hour northeast of Green Bay with a population of about 200 people (compared to the 43,000 people that live in Egg Harbor Township and 4,200 people that live in Egg Harbor City).

The official town website describes Egg Harbor, WI, this way:

The Town of Egg Harbor has remained for a large part a rural-agricultural area with many well established businesses, resorts, golf courses, large dairy farms, orchards and maple syrup producers.

Their tourism board says of the village, "Egg Harbor boasts a breathtaking expanse of sky that mirrors the azure waters below."

Sounds delightful, doesn't it?

It's also fun to notice that there is a town of Egg Harbor and a village of Egg Harbor, both either next to or within each other -- I'm not quite sure.

I have to wonder if people up there give a dirty look to people who call them both "Egg Harbor" the same way we do down here when people call Egg Harbor Township and Egg Harbor City just "Egg Harbor."

Anyway, if you're really interested in planning a vacation and going off-the-grid for a while, take a look around town:

It's kind of fun to think that the number of people inside the English Creek ShopRite in Egg Harbor Township at any given time is more than the total population of Egg Harbor, Wisconsin. And they don't have any Wawas, either (how to they survive!?).

And if you're interested in exploring another similarly-named city, get to know Atlantic City, Wyoming, which has an even smaller population than Egg Harbor, Wisconsin.

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