A Go Fund Me campaign to help Ed Tinsman, who was seriously injured during a fire on his boat Saturday morning, has been started to help the Wildwood resident pay for rent, food and monthly bills.

NJ.com reports that Tinsman, 57, was air-lifted from Otten’s Harbor to Jefferson University Hospital Burn Center in Philadelphia. He is currently in serious condition, according to Daniel M. Dunn, Deputy Fire Chief of the Wildwood City Fire Department.

The Go Fund Me, started by Shelley Anderson, gives more details on Tinsman's injuries.

Our friend Ed was seriously injured this morning. He was attempting to start his boat to move it to his summer boat slip when the most devastating accident happened and there was a sudden explosion . This is his home! This accident has left him with severe burns to his arms, hands, legs and stomach. He was airlifted from Wildwood, NJ to Jefferson Hospital ICU in Philadelphia.


Ed is a transmission mechanic and will be out of work during his recovery. His boat was his home. He will now need to find a place to live, and cover life expenses during his recovery. Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

As of Monday morning, the Go Fund Me had raised $3460 of a $5000 goal.

The Wildwood Department said that early into firefighting operations, the vessel broke free of its moorings and began floating east down Otten’s Harbor. Due to the strong winds at the time of the incident, the vessel eventually ended up at the east end of Otten’s Harbor adjacent to Park Blvd.

As the boat drifted in the harbor, there was minor damage to two other docked vessels. The fire was placed under control in 30 minutes.

A Facebook post by the Wildwood Fire Department lists the multiple fire companies that responded to the fire.

Wildwood Crest FD, Rio Grande FD, and Stone Harbor FD. Squad Co. 3 began an aggressive attack of the fire. Fire Boats also responded from North Wildwood FD and Stone Harbor FD.  The Wildwood Police Dept., New Jersey State Police, Marine Services Bureau, United States Coast Guard, and Sea Tow Cape May all assisted at the incident as well. There was one minor injury to a Wildwood City firefighter.


Source: Wildwood Fire Department/GoFundme/NJ.com

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