Everyone who has seen the photos of the car crash Dan Summers had on January 10th seems to have the same reaction. That is the worst-looking car crash they have ever seen.

The car he was driving hit a pole and split in two in the serious one-car crash at the intersection of New Road and Tilton Road in Northfield. Firefighters arrived to find Dan Summers heavily entrapped in one section of the vehicle.

Amazingly, Summers survived the crash, but his left arm was completely crushed and had to be amputated at his shoulder.

A week later, as Dan recovers in the hospital, his brother Joe has started a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for a prosthetic arm for Dan.

While we are all extremely thankful that he made it out with his life, it is very heartbreaking that he had to lose his dominant arm in the process. Dan has always been an amazing athlete and one of the hardest workers I have ever met so needless to say, he needs that arm to continue playing sports, working out, continuing his career at our job and kicking butt in Call of Duty!

The family isn't sure how much such a prosthetic will cost, but they know it will be expensive.

Due to Dan's unique injury (as most amputations are) he is going to need a Prosthetic arm that will be custom made to fit him right. So while I am unable to post exactly which one we will be choosing for him, you can be well assured that we are going to use every penny that we raise from these donations (and more) towards the best prosthetic that we can find. If you know Dan, you know that he has a huge heart and would do the same thing for others.

As of Monday night, Dan's GoFundMe drive has raised over $17,000 with a goal of $200,000.


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