October and November will be a busy time for astronomy lovers and star gazers as three good meteor showers will be visible over the skies in South Jersey.

If you love star gazing, you might want to grab a sweatshirt and blanket, start a fire, and get ready for an awesome meteor show which will be visible over the skies over South Jersey.

According to an article from NJ.com, the three meteor shows will arrive in late October and November. One meteor shower is on tap this week.

The Orionid meteor shower will peak during the overnight hours of this Tuesday into early Wednesday morning before dawn. The Orionid Meteor shower began in early October and will last up until Nov. 7th.

The Northern Taurid meteor shower will start on October 20th and last until December 10th. Peak times will be the overnight hours on November 11th into the early morning of December 12th.

And finally the Leonid meteor shower will be shooting over the skies of South Jersey stating November 6th through November 30th. Peak time will be the overnight hours of November 16th into early morning before dawn on November 17th.

The best way to watch a meteor shower according to the website Earth Sky is to find a dark spot, find out when peak time will be, make sure you have the right day, know the phases of the moon, dress warmly, bring a thermos of hot chocolate, coffee or tea, bring a comfortable chair or blanket and enjoy the night sky!

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