Frontier Airlines is introducing 10 new destinations from Philadelphia this spring, with introductory one-way rates starting as low as $19.

I know, Frontier gets its share of hate on social media -- and much of it deservedly so -- but with rates starting this cheap, it might be worth trying Frontier to one of these new places for less than $50 roundtrip. (Assuming you don't bring any extra luggage with you.)

New Places Frontier Airlines Will Be Flying From Philly This Spring

The budget airline announced new nonstop routes from Philadelphia International Airport beginning in late May.

Frontier Airlines will serve these locations three times a week: Knoxville, Portland, Maine, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, Columbus, Ohio, Kansas City, Missouri and Pensacola, Florida.

Twice weekly service will be available from Philly to Pittsburgh

You can take Frontier to St. Louis four times a week and daily service will run to Detroit and Chicago.

Frontier is Substantially Increasing Philadelphia Flight Options

With the new routes, Frontier will have 39 destinations out of Philadelphia International Airport. It will operate a daily average of 44 flights this summer, a 47% increase over last year.

"PHL will see the second largest increase in daily departures on Frontier this summer among our major operational bases," Frontier CEO Barry Biffle said in a statement.

See a complete list of Frontier Airlines' new destinations from Philadelphia 

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