I first became familiar with the blue house when my kids went to Margate's Ross School, about eight years ago. The school is less than a block away from the house of blue. As you drove down Haverford Avenue to pick your children up after school, there was no way you could miss it.

It's the house with the blue accents, the blue flags, blue garden gnomes, a car parked outside covered by a bright blue tarp, and statues of Barack Obama and Donald Trump sitting on blue couch cushions on the front porch, under a blue and white outdoor ceiling fan, and bathed completely in blindingly blue spotlights as soon as the sun goes down.

Do you know how people who really go overboard decorating their homes for  Christmas will attract crowds of people who drive by to admire the house's decorations during the holiday season? That's the way it was at the blue house all year round.

People would actually circle the block several times to make sure they really saw what they thought they saw when they passed Margate's blue house.

I remember saying, "Boy, am I glad I don't live next to that house! Can you imagine? I wonder what it looks like inside?"

Well, that final question has been answered.

The blue house was listed back in the fall of 2021 by RE/Maxx 2000, but has now been listed as "off market."

It turns out that the blue house is even bluer inside than it is outside. Sacre Bleu!

I will say that seeing photos of the inside of the house and getting a more detailed look at the outside of the house gives me more of an appreciation for the twisted humor that went into decorating the house the way it is.

Hey, different strokes for different folks.

The house is not for me in its present state of blue, but it will be interesting to see how long it is on the market and if the blue family gets close to what they are asking for it.

Take a look inside.

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