Growing up, we probably heard our parents telling us to sit up straight and not slouch. And as I see my own kids hunched over their cell phones, I am now telling them the same thing.  Turns out having good posture does not just look better, it also has tremendous health benefits. 

And it  is not just sitting at our desk or driving, we also need to have good posture when we are standing and even lying down. Yet, as we go throughout our day, most of us probably are not thinkig about our posture. 

From helping us to breathe better to decreasing pain, we’ve got five reasons you need to listen to mom and sit up straight.

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    Whenever we visit our doctor, we are always asked to sit upright so that they can listen to our lungs. This is because proper posture opens the airways within our body to improve our breathing. It allows enhanced oxygen to flow through our cardiovascular and respiratory systems. The blood carries sufficient oxygen to our nervous system, organs, and other tissues so that we can breathe better during any activity.

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    Poor body posture can result in many issues, such as low back pain, headaches, and hip strains. Even worse, it can sometimes be difficult to determine which exact part of our body is injured. And while a massage or good stretch may provide some relief, they are not a permanent solution to our discomfort.

    By straightening our muscles and maintaining a correct body posture, we will avoid the aches and pain we may experience daily. This will align our bones and joints so that we can use our muscles more efficiently to prevent strain and overuse. Luckily, there are many exercises we can do to get that healthy posture we want.

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    When we are working out or exercising, we are often told to do it right. This is because an uneven technique damages our body and dislocates our muscles. Thus, our form should follow function.

    By taking the time to fix our posture, as well as making sure to breathe, then we will enhance our performance and avoid muscle strain and injury. As a result, we will develop better core and stronger muscles over time.

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    If you are working at an office, then you should sit up straight at your desk as it will reduce your stress. Good body posture can lead to higher self-esteem to help you complete your work. In contrast, people who sit with their heads down, shoulders rounded, and backs stooped were found to be more anxious. So, next time you are at the office with a stack of papers on your desk, sit upright to relax your body and mind.

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    Besides sitting directly, we should also stand up straight to further boost our self-confidence. A proper body posture can help us make a good first impression and appear more attractive and assertive. So, next time you have an important presentation, stand upright to get your message across effectively.

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