Coping with cancer is challenging enough. Add the extra burden of financial obligations, and it can become overwhelming.  "Bringing Hope Home" is a local organization helping to relieve some of that financial burden.   Here's is the story of how it began and how it can help you.

Paul and Nicole Isenberg were expecting their second child in the mid-nineties. During her pregnancy, Nicole wasn’t feeling well and finally decided to go to the doctor, and then heard three words that changed her life forever, “you have cancer.”

While she was nine months pregnant, and at the age of only 32, Nicole was diagnosed with Stage IV Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Soon after her diagnosis, Nicole gave birth to a healthy baby girl and immediately started intense chemotherapy.

Not only were the Isenbergs faced with raising a newborn and a toddler, they now needed to make sure Nicole was getting the best treatment possible, all while still making sure the bills were somehow being paid.

Nicole endured six years of intense chemotherapy and two bone marrow transplants. Her fight ended in 2003 at the young age of 39, but her legacy lives on through the special work her husband continues with Bringing Hope Home.

Paul saw an unmet need in the community—people need financial help and emotional support while they are undergoing cancer treatment. I had an opportunity to talk with Paul about this important work and their Sea Isle Stomps Cancer 5K and Walk on June 30. 

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