We were fortunate enough to catch up with Jingles the Elf, Santa's Elf in charge of New Jersey Operations.

Jingles the Elf has been a part of Santa's North Pole operation for the last 350 years.

Jingles has agreed to sit for an exclusive interview with us.

  1. How are things coming along in toy production?

Oh, it's amazing.  Each year we wonder how we're going to get all the toys done, but Santa amazes us every year.  He's so much fun.  The elves all love him.

Santaa's Reindeer Training Routine

  1. Does Santa's Reindeer have any special training routines? 

I'm telling you, Rudolph is the team leader when it comes to getting in shape.  His workout routine is amazing.  Most of the team starts working out in July.  There's lots of speed-flying and weight-lifting.  Plus, Dasher and Comet have come up with a strict nutrition routine.  As you can imagine, they have one night to get it right.  They want to be prepared.

  1. How does Santa manage to make it across the world in one night?

A lot of people don't realize how many elves are needed to make this happen.  Most people know about the elves production department, but we have a packing department, and we have a prep crew.  Santa has 4 sleighs, and while he's up in one, the packing department is packing the other sleighs.  Throughout the night, we trade sleighs, so that Santa can continue his journey non-stop.

  1. What is Santa's favorite treat?

If you know Santa, you know cookies and milk are his favorite.  He loves all kinds of cookies.

It's Not Too Late to Get Off Santa's Naughty List

  1. Is it too late for those on the naughty list to get on the good list?

Excellent question.  A lot of kids don't realize that we are always updating our list.  If you're on the naughty list, Santa looks for kids who help their parents, get along with their brothers and sisters, and do nice things for their family.

  1. Is there one toy that most people request?

Oh my, that's hard to say.  We're doing a lot of flying orbs- have you seen those things?  They're balls that you can throw away from you, and it flies back.  It lights up with all different colors.  We're also seeing lots of drones, and video games are still quite popular.

  1. Does Santa have a favorite toy?

I'm not sure many people know this, but Santa loves Madden NFL video games.  It drives Mrs. Claus crazy.  He's really good, too.

  1. What does Santa do during the off-season?

He usually spends time at the Jersey shore.  He's a fan of pizza and ice cream.  Last year, he went to see Taylor Swift in concert.  He was blown away.  I should mention that Santa and Mrs. Claus must use disguises when they're out.  Can you imagine if people knew he was out?

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