Most dogs love the beach. My dog Josie just loves the open space and the opportunity to run around like a lunatic. I love the fact that she is getting a good workout and having the time of her life.

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Dog Beach, also known as Longport, Somers Point, and Malibu beach is an extremely popular place to bring your Fido to cool down and to have some summer fun. The beach is located between Ocean City and Longport and at the base of the Ocean Drive bridge on the Longport side. For some reason, the beach belongs to Egg Harbor Township.

Parking at any beach can be a real adventure, especially on the weekends and Dog Beach is no exception. This summer Egg Harbor Township police have been really cracking down on illegal parking on the beach for our four-legged friends.

You are only supposed to park in the assigned lot which can be nearly impossible to do. If you illegally park on the shoulder of Ocean Drive you will run the risk of a heavy fine and your vehicle being towed away.

The Press of Atlantic City reports that EHT police are issuing even more warnings about parking on Ocean Drive for the rest of the summer season. If you park illegally chance are it's going to cost you. Fines are stiff and include a towing rate of $135 minimum with storage fees of $20 per day and a fine of $200.

Ouch! That sounds like an expensive day of summer fun for Fido and for you!

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