An Egg Harbor Township man who attempted to enter a neighbor's home by kicking her door on Nov 30, 2023, and then fired a gun at the home, starting a 12-hour standoff with police was arrested again last week with more guns.

Joseph Dill, 42, was charged Wednesday, March 6 with unlawful possession of a weapon and knowingly disobeying a court order. He was sent to the Atlantic County jail, according to the Press of Atlantic City.

Man Broke Porch Lights, Kicked Neighbor's Door, Fired Shot at Home in November

Egg Harbor Township Police say they received a call at 3:37 am Thursday, Nov 30, from a woman on the 4000 block of Tremont Avenue about a neighbor attempting to break into her home.

The woman said the man was kicking her front door and breaking porch lights as he attempted to get into her home. When the man left her property, he went to his home across the street and fired at least one shot at the woman's home.

Atlantic County SWAT Joined Egg Harbor Township Police on the Scene

Police and members of the Atlantic County SWAT team arrived at 4901 Tremont Avenue a little after 4 am and made contact with the Dill, but he remained in his home and was uncooperative.

The Standoff Lasted 12 Hours

Police secured the area and throughout the day travel restrictions remained in effect. Tremont Avenue, Bates Avenue, and streets in the immediate area were shut down. Schools were informed to have buses avoid the area and the lockdown continued throughout the day.

The Suspect Surrendered

12 hours later, at about 3:40 pm, Joseph Dill surrendered to police, left his home, and was arrested. Under a court order, multiple firearms were seized from Dill’s residence.

The area was determined to be safe and the streets were reopened. Egg Harbor Township Police say no one was injured.

Dill Was Charged

In November, Joseph Dill was charged with attempted burglary criminal mischief, and harassment.

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