Did you know that pizza is one of America's favorite comfort food? I don't know about you, but at my house, Wednesday is pizza night. My boys could hardly wait for pizza night. Honestly, my wife and I are lucky to grab a slice before they devoured the entire pie!

According to a recent Harris poll, America's top choice for comfort food is a slice of pizza, which tops the list at 15%.

Thrillist just ranked all 50 states in America to see who has the most expensive pie in America. Coming in on the top of the list is North Dakota where it costs a whopping $14 for a large pizza. Yikes! Next in line were Wyoming and Washington.

On the flip side, the states to get the cheapest pie were Alaska at $7.25, and Maine at $7.50.

The Garden State hit the list at the #25 spot, where the average cost for a large pie is currently $11. Fun fact, we're actually tied with Hawaii, which surprised me a bit.

I miss the good old days when my boys were small and a large pie would go for $6 on our family pizza night. We would actually buy two pies just to have leftovers, because let's be honest - who doesn't like leftover pizza?


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