Last weekend I was out at a nice restaurant in one of the casinos. As I walked by a table of two twenty-something couples, I noticed every one of them was on their cell phone. It just seemed so sad that they were out together and they weren’t even looking at each other.

The internet and in particular social media have a lot of can keep in touch with friends, share photos and special moments with family, but when we are posting a picture of the sandwich we had for lunch, has it gone too far?  Take this Addiction Quiz.

I did not grow up with the intent bu my kids certainly are, and the first thing they do in the morning is get on their cellphone. We have a no-screens (as we call them) rule before school starts,  and after school, we allow screens after homework, but I am concerned that my kids are growing up without knowing how to have a conversation past a few sentences. They seem to have withdrawal symptoms without their phone.

More than two billion active users are on various social media outlets every single day and it is estimated that 28% of them are bordering on addictive behavior when it comes to the internet – it is called compulsive internet use. People between the ages of 15-19 average about 3 hours a day on social media. It can affect school or work, sleep and even real, face to face, relationships with other people. If you feel you want to get off the social media and internet gerbil wheel, take this short online quiz to see if you might need to make some changes.

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