You may have a story about a memorable Spirit Air flight from ACY, but can it beat this stinky Spirit story? A Spirit Airlines flight headed to Ft. Lauderdale out of New York's Laguardia Airport was forced to make an emergency landing last week when a noxious "dirty socks" odor made several passengers sick.

The mysterious odor similar to that of rancid, dirty socks caused at least 10 passengers of the 220 on board to experience chest pains and complain of burning throats.

It got so bad mid-flight, that the decision was eventually made to divert the plane to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.Once the plane was on the ground, passengers were taken off, and between seven and 10 were sent to local hospitals to get checked out.

Hazmat crews boarded to scope things out, but were unable to trace the smell to any substance or chemical leak.

Eventually, passengers were able to get on a different plane to Ft. Lauderdale.

If they can't find the source of a dirty socks smell, does that mean that it was actual dirty socks? Don't mean to alarm you, but you have a real foot odor problem if they are responsible for people being hospitalized!

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