Which Ocean City Restaurants Are Open This Off-Season?

I always thought of Ocean City as being a town that had some pretty interesting places to eat. Travel down any street in the business district and you'll find a variety of kitschy little breakfast and lunch eateries, fun little themed coffee bars, and, some restaurants capable of a good meal for dinner.

But, there were some changes in the Ocean City restaurant scene in 2022, so what's up with this year's off-season dining in Ocean City?

The Dilemma

How are you supposed to know which of Ocean City's better-eating establishments are open during the fall and winter season and when they are open? I would imagine that even life-long locals aren't sure about which restaurants are open in the off-season, especially after the pandemic changed the restaurant landscape in Ocean City.

Solving the Dilemma

For the second year, I've put together a comprehensive guide to which Ocean City restaurants will be open all winter or most of the winter season.

Let me tell you - it wasn't easy to do. There wasn't any existing list. Years ago, OCNJ Daily put out a rather limited guide to off-season dining, but, times have changed substantially and that list is now wrong as often as it is right.

The dilemma is compounded by the restaurants themselves. Most don't list accurate or any hours of operation for the off-season on their websites or Facebook pages (BIG mistake!). The restaurants' phone messages often do not give any information important to their customer, or, there isn't a message at all when you call. Oh, my goodness!

Dilemma Solved...Mostly

After a couple of weeks of playing restaurant detective, I believe I have come up with a fairly good guide to restaurants, coffee bars, and eateries open this winter in Ocean City.

Is it perfect? Probably not, because some of the mysteries were left unsolved. If you find an issue with this guide it might be not knowing of a restaurant or two that is open this winter in Ocean City. The restaurants that I have included are all places I have spoken with personally about hours and months of operation.

If you notice incorrect information in this gallery, please let me know, because I want it to be complete and accurate and you can be of real assistance with that.

And finally, enjoy and try the different restaurants on this list. They are doing a good job and ready to offer you a great meal. You can help them make it through their slow season, so they are there for you to continue enjoying next summer in Ocean City.

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