What Does It Mean to Be an Underrated Restaurant?

You know what the term "underrated' means in sports and popular culture, but what does it mean in the restaurant business? It certainly doesn't mean unpopular or not successful, because I am fairly certain each of the restaurants has a large fan club and does very well.

In the restaurant biz, it's more about not getting the props they deserve for their food.

Why Are They Underrated?

It's harder to explain that than it is to give an example of a restaurant with fantastic food that doesn't get enough attention for that fact.

How Did These Restaurants Get on This List?

We asked our listeners to tell us about one restaurant in their area that had outstanding food, but kind of flies under the radar. The listeners, all local folks, helped us compile this list.

Why Are You Pointing Out That the Restaurants Are Underrated?

Because these restaurants don't always get their fair share of attention for their quality food, you might not have been aware of what you were missing. Hopefully, by shining a light of recognition on these great restaurants, we can make sure more people get to appreciate their great food.

Go eat a meal in as many of these underrated restaurants as you can. You won't be disappointed! Take a look at a photo gallery of our underrated restaurants.

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