With less than 74 days to go before the official start to summer, I can't help but feel so fortunate to have some of the most beautiful beaches and iconic boardwalks right in our backyard.

Speaking of boardwalks, they could have a different look this summer thanks to a New Jersey assemblyman. There's a proposal for a bill that would call for mobile COVID-19 testing and vaccination centers to be placed on Jersey Shore boardwalks this summer, 6ABC reports.

Now there is the concern that visitors will come in droves to Jersey Shore beaches this summer. Not everyone is in agreement with this new proposal, this includes Ventnor Mayor Beth Holzman.

Holzman told 6ABC,

"I think people at this point are so COVID overloaded, that the last thing they want to see is even a mobile vehicle near the beach or boardwalk."

I'm not going to lie, I have to agree with the Mayor Holzman. I'm all for more testing and for more vaccinations to keep us safe for COVID-19 moving forward, however the beach and boardwalk are the happy, stress-free spots where I go to unwind and get away from everything that's going on. Seeing the mobile testing and vaccination units on the boardwalk would just bring back the harsh reality of what we've been facing over the last year.

What are your thoughts?

Source: 6ABC.com

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